The mail boat, Postbåden Vesta, has been sailing Nakskov Fjord for almost 100 years

Postbåden Vesta was built in 1924 as a small ferry, sailing from Kragenæs on Lolland to Fejø, a small island just north of Lolland.


This was Vesta's job up until 1936, when it was deemed too small as it had capacity for only one automobile! Vesta could not keep up with the development and was therefore replaced by a bigger ship.


The ship was then sold to Harald Nielsen, who had already been sailing mail to the islands in Nakskov Fjord for a number of years, and now required a more modern ship - one with a motor! Harald was a real mailman and continued to deliver mail to the islands until 1962, where he resigned and sold Vesta.


Since then, Postbåden has continued its voyage with numerous mailmen, the most recent being Otto Paludan, who has owned and sailed it for the last 12 years.


Despite there not being as much mail as there used to be, the mail boat still sails the Fjord proudly with its mail flag and delivers the few letters it receives for free. On its tours, it brings thousands of tourists to the islands and round the beautiful fjord of Nakskov every year.


In 2020 the mail boat got a new owner who intends to preserve it for the posterity while also ensuring the continued sailing of Nakskovs Fjord. We are proud to still have Otto as our skipper.

Mailman Harald Nielsen on his way to deliver mail