Regular tours in season

In 2022, the season runs from Monday May 23th to Saturday September 17th.

During the season, Postbåden departes Monday to Saturday from its designated spot by the quay in Nakskov, which is diagonally across from Postbåden's office on Havnegade 35. Please look closely at our booking calender, to make sure that we are actually sailingon the day of your plans. REMARK that you can only book on days where the date is blanck.


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Mail tours are Monday to Saturday at 9 am and make stops at Enehøje as well as either Slotø or Vejlø before making it to Albuen at roughly 11 am. The stop on Albuen usually lasts 1 hour, where you will have the opportunity to go for a walk, enjoy the unique nature, and possibly eat a home brought lunch, before sailing back to Nakskov. You may preferer to bring your bike, as you can bike along the narrow sand peninsula and further onto the dike to Nakskov.  The mail boat returns to Nakskov at roughly 1.30 pm. The price for the mail trip is DKK 220 for adults and DKK 110 for children.


Island-hops are Wednesdays and Fridays at 2 pm, where we make short stays on e.g. Slotø, Vejlø, and Enehøje - and occasionally Albuen - before returning to Nakskov at 6 pm. The price for an adult ticket is DKK 220 and DKK 110 for children.


Slotø tours are Wednesday at 2 pm and only last about 2 hours. On these trips, we make a stop at Slotø before returning to Nakskov at roughly 4 pm. The price for the Slotø tour is DKK 140 for adults and DKK 70 for children.


*If you are 13 or above, you pay as an adult. If you are between 3 and 12, you are pay as a child.  Children younger than 3 can naturally join for free.